Louise West
Louise West

My contemporary lace journey started after seeing Thomas Lester designs in Bedfordshire lace in 2002, which sparked off my interest in the potential of 3D forms. Since then I have worked in wire and mixed media for contemporary pieces, largely inspired by botanical subjects and natural forms, worked on a larger scale.

I completed an MA in Art and Design in Contemporary Lace in 2013, and new work is evolving from this continuing journey with one foot still in the 19th century, using traditional techniques but with the pieces evolving into contemporary structures and designs. Using historical techniques my contemporary work is emerging into 21st century lace, like the phoenix rising from the ashes.

I have a thirst for knowledge from the traditional Bedfordshire but by continually questioning and exploring, new contemporary work evolves using materials and forms which contradict and question the traditional origins.

Blackthorne Reborn
Plant Stems