Sue McLaggan
Sue McLaggan

My interest in lacemaking began at adult education classes and progressed via City & Guilds. I became founding Secretary of The 98 Lace Group, as it was then named, reflecting my belief that lacemaking’s unique skills will only survive if they are used and adapted to create accessible work that is relevant to life today.

I am particularly interested in line and shape and have a simple, bold style. My most recent work uses paper yarns which give the stitches extra clarity, and my wearable pieces cast interesting shadows on the body. I am currently exploring the creation of large-scale, 3-D pieces that hold their shape when hung in the air in a gallery space. Nature and especially the movement of wind and water are often sources of inspiration.

My work has frequently been exhibited in the UK and abroad.

Zephyros 2016
Ottoline (rear) 2013