Rosemary Green
Rosemary Green

I learnt to make lace in the late 1960’s and it has continued to fascinate me ever since. Traditional English techniques were learnt first but as a C&G Guinea Pig, horizons were greatly expanded. Today I enjoy exploring everything from traditional to contemporary. Group challenges stretch my mind, not always in comfort! In the 21st C I took up silversmithing and now use my handmade lace to create textures on sterling silver which is used to make individual items of jewellery which I can wear.

Currently I am finding ways of using the many patterns in Binche snowflakes to produce more contemporary, larger scale pieces which can be worn, either as jewellery or as clothing. My piece for Upon Reflection combined large scale Binche with silver jewellery. I like my lace to have a purpose so am also looking at different ways of decorating a simple silk scarf.

Shawl with silver pin