Pamela Layzell
Pamela Layzell

I began making lace in 1985. Keen to develop my own designs, I embarked on the City and Guilds course, completing Part 1 in 1998, and Part 2 in 2002, and received a medal of excellence for both parts. I joined 98 Lace in 2014. I now enjoy experimenting with various materials and often work with coarse threads on a large scale. This has included a phase of working with ‘thread’ made of plastic bags cut into strips.

I enjoy pushing the boundaries of lacemaking, trying to use the traditional techniques in non-traditional ways, working in both bobbin and needle lace. I have looked at ways to create 3-dimensional lace, a challenge which becomes even more complicated when trying to work to a large scale.

More recently, I have enjoyed creating and working bobbin lace with non-standard curved grids, using words from shapes adapted from semaphore signals to create my patterns. I am trying to incorporate more colour into my work having worked in neutral tones for several years.

Contrasting Vessels (vase – 18cm high; bowl – 12 cm diam.)
Strung Out