Kay Palmer
Kay Palmer

I began Lacemaking in 1978 at an evening class after seeing a lacemaking demonstration at Hatfield House. Here I learnt the traditional lace techniques of Torchon, Bedfordshire and Bucks. I had a few years break while my children were young, and when I returned to lacemaking I started to explore colour and different textured threads of contemporary lace, using existing patterns.

In 2013 I entered a piece “Koru” for the Lace Guild triannual competition “Contrasts”, where I won a medal of excellence.

The same year I joined 98 Lace, where I started designing and making my own patterns. I work with different thicknesses and textures in both thread and wire. I have made two pieces for 98 Lace exhibitions: — “Daisy Chain” for Gateways, and “Tranquillity” for Colour Coded.

I have also helped in teaching Lacemaking to children, which I think is very important.

Daisy Chain