Jane Wright
Jane Wright

I started making lace in the 1980s by helping to teach it at the local secondary school, and before long I had my own class which continues today. Although I work all of the English bobbin laces I specialise in Honiton, which I studied with Cynthia Voysey. When Cynthia retired she asked me to take over her course at Urchfont Manor, which I did for some years until the college closed.

Since retiring myself I have more time to explore different aspects of lacemaking: Continental; Needlelace and of course Contemporary. I consider myself a ‘modern’ lacemaker who stays true to the traditions whilst updating its application and use to the 21st century. This ethos is reflected in ‘Piped Music’, which is my first exhibition piece for 98 Lace.

I currently teach two classes in Gloucestershire and tutored for the Lace Guild at this year’s Summer School.

Piped Music (detail)
Celtic Dragons — Contemporary Honiton
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