Eve Corrall
Eve Corrall

Lacemaking for me began over 30 years ago when I had the luxury of a week-long bobbin lace-making course at an adult education residential centre and was hooked from the first stitch. I started with Bedfordshire lace, then learnt a variety of other bobbin laces and needle lace.

My particular interests lie in using unusual grids and stitch combinations. I work with several colours when it is appropriate but am equally happy working with just one colour and using pattern and texture to provide interest.

I took the City and Guilds Lacemaking Part I and this gave me opportunities to experiment with thread and design. Joining 98 Lace encouraged me to continue exploring the use of lace-making techniques. I enjoy designing my own pieces and making them, using a range of techniques, materials and sometimes incorporating other media to achieve the desired effect.

My starting point is often a photograph from which I extract lines and shapes and then investigate with threads and stitches. My current work is based on trees and their bark.

Bark study
Bobbin lace scarf