Christine Gibson
Christine Gibson

I studied at Battersea College of Education in the early 1970s, specializing in Needlecraft and Textile Design, for which I received a certificate with merit. Later I learnt the basics of lacemaking, but for the next 30 years I concentrated on dressmaking skills, returning to traditional lacemaking in the early 2000s. At college I always enjoyed working with textured threads in a free way and felt I would like to explore the possibilities of working in this way with lace bobbins. I therefore branched out into creative abstract work developing my own personal style of “Wild Lace”.

I use photographs as patterns and colour in the shapes with threads, freely twisting and moving bobbins as needed until an abstract interpretation of the photo emerges. I am never fully sure what the finished piece will look like until it is completed, dealing with problems as they arise rather than by having a pre-set strategy. I find the random twisting of threads and the slowly emerging shapes an exciting prospect to take me on into the unknown.

I have exhibited on a number of occasions with 98 Lace, once at Gawthorpe Hall and several times locally in Billericay.

Melting Moments (detail)
Stargate 1