Annette Groom
Annette Groom

I first became aware of lacemaking when visiting a local mediaeval fair one summer and saw a group of ladies demonstrating what turned out to be bobbin lace. They were kind enough to explain it to me and suggested an evening class if I was interested. So in September 1984, there began my lace journey.

The class was a leisure group to begin with and I loved the logicality of lace and the fact that I was learning an age old art. I started making Torchon lace and quickly moved onto Beds. I liked experimenting with colours and challenging myself with some different patterns. I like the process of making the lace and have so much that has not been mounted or put to use.

About 10 years ago I had a pause; my evening class had closed as the EU funding would only continue if we completed targets and progress sheets each half term and it ceased to be a leisure activity! Later I was lucky to get to know Jacqui Barber through Essex Lace Makers when she was running a starter lace day. She was happy for me to join to try experimenting with other threads and yarns. I was hooked again! I also attended an Essex Lace Makers workshop given by Janet Evans exploring ‘silhouette’ lace using lace to make shapes and pictures. I felt as though some creative force was unlocking!