About 98Lace

98Lace is a fellowship of lacemakers with varied textile backgrounds, united by a common goal of giving modern lace a livelier public profile. The group was set up following a meeting in London in 1998, although members are distributed throughout the British Isles, maintaining contact through our newsletter — ‘Network’. We have two residential weekends each year and occasional additional meetings. The aim of these is to inspire members to produce original work, pushing forward the traditional boundaries while demonstrating the relevance of lace today.

Selections of lace that the group has exhibited in the past few years can be found in our Galleries section. Our most recent exhibition, Colour Coded, was held at Mount Grace Priory from 29th April to 9th July 2017 and photographs from this exhibition, all taken in situ, are now in our Galleries section. Colour Coded can also be seen at the Makit Christmas Fair on 2nd December 2017.